Guangzhou OUTAI Trade Co., Ltd. / Endoscope Repair Service
Suite 208, Yanjiang Building, No. 195 Yanjiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, PRC
TEL:£®020£©83382050 83193055


>> Professional maintenance service for: fiberscopes and electronic endoscopes of Olympus, Fujinon, Pentax, WOLF and STORZ.

>> Sales of various reusable and disposable endoscope components.

>> Maintenance and after-sale service of Sensus SRT 100 shallow X-ray dermal therapeutic system


°°°°OUTAI’s major maintenance technicians have received training and technology qualification certificate offered by manufacturers. We have abundant technical strength and keep improving professional work. The repair rate of endoscope is low and main components are imported originally. Our excellent service with high efficiency will minimize your loss as much as possible when the endoscope is under repair.
°°°°Nationwide socialized services are offered based on our experience in repair and maintenance of various endoscopes over the years. We will provide all-sided and excellent services for clients as always.
°°°°Please contact OUTAI timely when necessary. We will offer you services with open arms.
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