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Suite 208, Yanjiang Building, No. 195 Yanjiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, PRC
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Over 19-year Experience in Endoscope Repair Service
¡¡¡¡Guangzhou OUTAI was established in 1993 and was qualified as the special maintenance station of Olympus between 1993 and 2002. After the separation with Olympus, we turned into a third-party maintenance station serving for professional maintenance of gastroscope, enteroscope, bronchoscope, nasopharyngolaryngoscope and choledochoscope to various models involving Olympus, Fujinon and Pentax. We have provided endoscope maintenance service for thousands of clients throughout the country in the past 19 years. Line of business in 31 provinces and cities of Chinese mainland makes OUTAI the leading peer in Chinese medical endoscope realm.

Maintenance Engineers Assigned to Japan and United State for Advanced Study
¡¡¡¡The technology strength which is incomparable with other third-party maintenance stations definitely ensures our high maintenance quality.

Unique Grade Repair Technique for C and C+ Light Guide Bundles of Fine Scope
¡¡¡¡For various fine scope models of bronchoscope, nasopharyngolaryngoscope and choledochoscope, we are equipped with unique grade repair technique for C and C+ light guide bundles with much lower price than manufacturers, which will contribute considerably to clients¡¯ cost reduction.

Grade Judgment of Endoscope Repair
¡¡¡¡Fiberscope and electronic endoscope will be under grading repair according to different grades including grade A, grade C+ of light guide bundles, grade C and grade D. The grade D belongs to minor repair while the others are heavy repair. The repair of medical equipment cannot be limited to ¡°as long as trouble shooting of the faulty component¡±. It is of the most importance that long-run normal utilization and avoidance of medical negligence should be achieved in maintenance service of medical equipment. The purpose mentioned above is evidently unrealizable only relying on traditional repair approaches. It is extremely necessary to exchange components in accordance with certain maintenance case, which is so-called ¡°Grade Repair Principle¡±. Our actively applying grade repair principle makes it possible for clients¡¯ utilization with peace of mind.

Grade Judgment
Grade A Overlong service life and misuse of image guide bundles of fiberscope which result in an increasing number of broken wires (dark spots); serious watering endoscope leading to heavy cracks; breakdown caused by failure of electronic scope CCD.
Grade C+ of Light Guide Bundles Breakdown caused by: fracture of light guide bundles; breakage of curved tube, insertion tube or forceps tube; unsolvable blockage of steam tube.
Grade C Breakdown caused by: breakage of curved tube, insertion tube or forceps tube; unsolvable blockage of steam tube.
Grade D Exchange of curved rubber or nozzle; angular adjustment; musty skein clearance of fiberscope; leakage of seal ring.

Origin of Company Name - OUTAI

It was called ¡°Oulinbasi¡± in Chinese (and was changed afterward) when Olympus first entered mainland of China. We picked up the first word ¡°Ou¡± and chose ¡°Tai¡± as the second word on account of ¡°Taiyang (Sun) Trade Corporation¡± being the Chinese general agent of Olympus, for the reason that we were the special maintenance station co-managed by Olympus and Sun Trade Corporation at the time. Besides the maintenance service, we also provide components of endoscope of Olympus as a window service to maintenance stations around the country after importation. That is why we were registered as ¡°Trading Company¡± and whence the company name ¨C ¡°OUTAI¡± comes.
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