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Shallow X-ray Machine
>> General applicability of special therapy for dermopathy including skin cancer and cicatrix by SRT-100TM shallow X-ray dermal therapeutic system

>> Authentication of U.S. FDA, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), T-mark, CE mark and IEC60601

>> Assessment by SFDA in progress; license number of irradiating apparatus in HK: 11659-0001-SK-0001

      OUTAI is the sole agent of Megatop Industries Corporation and Sensus Healthcare USA SRT100 X-ray dermal therapeutic system in China, Hong Kong and Macau. We wish to introduce the unique, multifunctional and effective therapeutic system for dermal cytopathic to doctors.
>> SRT100 Qualifications
      The head office is located in Florida, U.S. The therapeutic system for nonmelanoma skin cancer which is unique and cost effective is included in process of design, production and service. SRT100 was certified by U.S. FDA, UL certification, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/CE mark and IEC60601, which is under qualification in SFDA in Beijing currently. It has been sold to more than 50 famous hospitals in U.S., U.K., Australia, Denmark, Thailand, South Africa and Switzerland in the past 3 years.
>> Simplified and accurate all-sided therapy for dermopathy and skin cancer
     The SRT100 system can provide precise Kv ma in treating dermopathy. There are as many as 8 x-ray tube heads with varying sizes and fungibility. The flexible mobility and unique ape-arm of the system provides a large scale of therapeutic location, especially regions like head and face. The radiation depth of shallow X-ray will be localized in dermal thickness, which is an ideal choice for replacing operation with high efficiency, beauty and no pain. For patients with squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma, it is particularly effective.
>> Clinical Goals
     The clinical goal of SRT 100 is treating dermopathy and achieving aesthetic outcome with its effective and non-invasive shallow X-ray, which offers a wise choice for patients, doctors, medical institutions and Insurance companies. It has been proven that skin cancer could be cured by shallow X-ray radiation therapy with a recurrence rate lower than 5%. Also, it contributes remarkably to decrease relevant aesthetic problems brought by dermopathy. The applying for reimbursement procedure is accepted by the insurance industry, including part B of medical insurance in U.S. Applied extensively in treatment of cicatrix and in improvement of appearance problem caused by skin operation, SRT100 is also quite matching in reducing scars after operation. There is no need to worry about infection and scar after operation, which prevents diabetics or high-risk patients receiving surgery from injury of operation.
     As after-sale service corporation for SRT100TM, Guangzhou OUTAIs technicians have been to United State to receive advanced learning and to handle machine installation and solve machine problems in Hong Kong more than once. Our abundant technology strength will offer excellent service for clients in China, Hong Kong and Macau.
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